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Types of Aerospace Parts and their Condition Codes.

NE - Factory New Parts come with Full-Traceability these parts are supplied straight from the OEM, (original equipment manufacturer) or the manufacturers authorized distributor or another known supplier. This condition code will be accompanied by FAA8130-3 or CoC, (manufacturer's certificate of conformance)

OH - "Overhauled" & SV - "Serviceable" components, including "rotables" are parts that are supplied with FAA8130-3 certification & vendor strip reports. Items will be certified by an FAA approved repair stations as overhauled/repaired and are functionally tested, or they could be inspected as needed.

Note: instruments and solid-state electronics are tagged SV because they have no rotating parts and cannot technically be "overhauled." 


These parts will have no Release Certificate and are not yet allowed to be installed, do to their lack of certification.  AR parts are not to the correct standard and will require at least inspection and testing, and any possible modifications and or repairs to ensure recertification prior to fitting to an aircraft

RP - Repaired

This is a component/part which has undergone a certified repair which has restored it to a serviceable condition that is acceptable to the FAA.

NS - New Parts / Other Sources
A new material that has been sourced from other known suppliers this might be service centres, distributors, and other operators.  Helicopter Spares will only buy new surplus material (NS) from known, sources. 

We are at the forefront of technology and our quality certification program ensures all All New Surplus parts that will sell, are accompanied by the bonafide and correct traceability, we offer a money back guarantee against all unopened, unused material returned against an RMA within 7 days of the purchase date.

Any part you need with any condition code, ensure you speak with the industry leaders helicopter spares, parts on time

Tel: +44 (0)1279 86 87 86

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