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Helicopter Spares


Welcome to Helicopter Spares a premium website dedicated to Helicopter's, we are part of the Oracle Components group and we supply to government agencies, military customers and commercial companies alike.

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Helicopter and light aircraft provided for Television Work, Major Films, Private Hire, any Entertainment and all Advertising jobs, HS is responsible for sourcing aircraft - across any platform or age. no matter what you need we can source it.

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Hardware, airframe, dynamic components, engine, avionics, rotatable, consumables, component parts, overhauled systems, electromechanical spares, semiconductors, paints and all spares products and services. 

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History of Helicopters


Many people would image the hot air balloon when thinking about the first aircraft. The helicopter, however, predates the hot air balloon by over a thousand years: In 400 BCE, it was understood that rotating devices had the potential to fly.

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